Carved Out Profitable Window
in Healthcare Market


A well-known IT services company in India wanted to grow and especially in healthcare market. We assessed their existing strengths, research to find out “profitable window” where they can easily enter, get clients quickly, and grow their business with confidence. 

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Quick Growth Enablement

Our client is a well-known IT consulting company in the Abu Dhabi. They wanted a quick growth enabled by doing research and crafting the value proposition for their defined service areas.

Research, Value Proposition, Case Studies

We researched about their offerings, crafted the strong value proposition, and produced visually appealing deck. To support their expertise claim, we created multiple case studies. 

Sales Deck

Later on, we were approached for helping them to convert the prospect into client. We did prospect analysis, crafted their offerings in convincing way, and produced the pitch deck that produced desired result.

Quick Growth Enablement?

Productized EdTech Idea

Our client is a well-known entity in the education and publishing industry in India. They wanted to grab the opportunity to provide the educational solution directly to students and parents.

We helped them to mature their idea, defined MVP for quick test of the idea, productize the idea into paying product. While crafting the strategy, we ensured that it must not affect their existing B2B channels and leveraged their existing content to keep cost in control. 

Idea to Paying Product in EdTech