idea validation - make it right

Idea Validation – How To Make It Right

You got an idea and had your aha! moment, now you started building it? Nope, as you have also read the lean startup book or following the steve blank – you know these two things: 1) Don’t ask about your idea to your mother (as she would say it is a fantastic idea) 2)Don’t build it before you know your idea is validated.

You may start to validate the idea by following the steps mentioned on the internet. First, have a landing page with a subscribe button and then test your idea with the number of subscriptions. If you get enough subscriptions – your idea is validated. Send them thanks note and start building your MVP.

Super simple process and you may have followed it. But did it bring any results?

I am sure your answer would be negative. To validate the idea, the trick that worked 4-5 years back wouldn’t work again. One of the biggest challenges I have found based on my interaction with my clients who are planning to start their venture/product is:

Very few visitors are coming to my landing page, and whoever came hadn’t subscribed.

In my opinion, not getting enough people on your landing page is a different problem than visitors are not subscribing. I am personally not convinced to have the one-pager website that has subscribe button. It doesn’t give confidence to your visitors that you have the product.

If the people are not coming to your landing page – there are high chances that –people are not aware of the solution that can solve their problem. This requires efforts – to understand who is your real target audience? It is a very simple word – target audience, but believe me – when it comes to defining it, you really need to sweat it out to target the right audience.

Not converting landing page means there are issues on the page – it could be related to the authenticity of your claims, confidence to visitors that such a product exists, and not enough behavioral nudges embedded.

One thing must be very clear to startup enthusiasts that people are not waiting for your startup to pop up and they rush to your website to help you to validate your idea. It requires a well-thought-out strategy that would help you to know whether your idea is of interest to the right audience or not.